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This website is a pilot program brought to you by Emily Damgaard, UBE 7 Stoneman, Nathan Norris, Information Specialist, IS/Knowledge Services and Christine Saba, Clinical Nurse Specialist, East Campus.

It was created with the idea that the computer is a vital part of our daily work, and we wanted to create a site to gather links to all of our frequently used resources and put them together onto one website with the goal of saving staff time time and improving workflow (generally make our work lives a little bit easier!) 

 The "Colorectal Patient Care Resource Site" will hopefully be linked on every computer in the nurse's workstation. If we receive enough support and positive feedback, we would like to create additional customized sites for hospital floors/departments.

In addition to workflow resources, we have included links to a wide variety of nursing journals, CEU sites, all of the on-line and paper annual competencies, colorectal resources and copies of many of the powerpoints/word documents Emily has created for the staff all on topics such as MRI safety, TPA'ing PICC lines, etc.

We would like to have your FEEDBACK! Your comments are vital to our project, so please complete our "2 second" evaluation, tell us who you are and let us know how to make our site as helpful as possible!

Click HERE to do our evaluation, and THANK YOU!

Emily Damgaard, Nathan Norris & Christine Saba



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